Hello! My name is Vivian Lee...

I’m a therapist currently residing in the Boston, Massachusetts area. I have an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Texas State University and a B.S. in Economics & Management Science from MIT. In my previous career(s), I worked in management consulting, public relations, and business administration. Inspired by my own lived experiences with mental health and the academic environments in which I grew up, I embarked on a career change to become a therapist.

Presently, I am a Group Therapist at Monte Nido’s partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program in Boston. I also conduct research with several universities and volunteer with local hospitals and nonprofits. I am passionate about two main areas of research: eating disorders and college mental health (especially for nontraditional students).

In my spare time, I practice ballet, play the recorder (don’t hate it ‘til you’ve heard it!), and hang out with my feline furballs: Mynerva, Freya, and Spock. Fun fact: I have an asteroid (24318 Vivianlee) named after me!