My primary research interest focuses on helping individuals develop a strong self-identity and self-image, especially during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Some specific topics I’d like to explore include:

    • Evaluating concepts of perfection, body dysmorphia, and eating disorder etiology in developing performing artists (e.g. child pagaents, college conservatories, pre-professional programs, etc.)
    • Promoting mental health using a holistic, wellness approach on college campuses, with a focus on primary prevention (as opposed to later-stage or crisis intervention).
    • Assessing mental health needs, treatment-seeking behaviours, and stigma on community/junior college campuses, especially in regard to socioeconomic and multicultural differences.
    • Exploring the transition from adolescence to young adulthood of high-achieving individuals; including the development of self-efficacy, resilience, identification and reframing of cognitive distortions, expectations management, emotion regulation, and the possible onset of generalized anxiety.

Past & Current Lab Affiliations