Research Interests
(Eating Disorders)

  • Evaluating eating disorder etiology amongst athletes and performing artists, with a focus on perfection and the influence of external messages.

    • I am particularly interested in aesthetic athletes – career paths that incorporate both artistic and kinetic components. For example: dance, figure skating, gymnastics.

  • Developing & improving culturally-informed best practices for eating disorder treatment.

  • Understanding the progression of eating disorders in individuals with poor understanding of interpersonal cues (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, Cluster A personality disorders).

  • Measuring the effectiveness of dance/movement therapy in eating disorder treatment.

  • Understanding the categorization, etiology, and treatment of Avoidant/Restrictive Feeding and Intake Disorder (ARFID), especially amongst adults.

  • Developing programs for early-stage prevention of eating disorders in adolescents.

  • Technology-enhanced treatment modalities, such as virtual reality and mobile apps.

  • Assessing needs, stigma, and treatment-seeking behaviours of college students - especially those from low SES backgrounds or non-traditional status - and working to establish better health education and access for these populations.

  • Best practices for treating career and vocational concerns in high-performing individuals.

  • Broadly, exploring the etiology and progression of Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Integrating modern psychoanalytic and psychodynamic approaches in treatment.

Research Interests (Others)

Current Projects

  • Analysis of the positive benefits of culture in the treatment of eating disorders.

  • Perfectionism profiles (as measured by the Perfectionism Inventory) are proposed to moderate the effects of proactive vs. reactive messaging on eating concerns (as measured by the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire).

  • Korean youth and adolescents' conceptualization of career choice and attainment (with Howard, Lee, and Harbaugh at Boston University).

Planned Projects

  • none presently