There is no shame in emotions.

“Emotions are, at their core, packets of rapid intelligence.”
Dr. Tori Olds, paraphrased

As I progress through Tori’s Minding the Heart training, I am finding myself latching onto and gravitating towards seemingly simple phrases that are wildly changing my established paradigms. She dropped this little nugget of information at yesterday’s session, and it made me feel both intense relief and excitement.

We’ve been [incorrectly] taught since a young age about the “right” and “left” brains (i.e. the former is more creative, the latter is more analytic). Generally people get thrown into boxes of either “nerdy-smart” or “artsy-creative”, rarely both. Even stereotypes of femininity and masculinity can be separated using this oversimplified dichotomy.

And all too often in our harried, “let’s fill up the calendar until there is no room to breathe” lifestyles, we tend to favour the concept of the “left brain” more and more – praising those who have the steely nerves, the analytical thinking, the rational approach. For some, including myself as a young child, emotions were frowned upon. Emotions meant weakness; emotions meant that you were letting your heart overcome your mind.

As a society, there is pride in being “rational”, and corresponding shame in being “emotional”.

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