My journey to true minimalism.

After literally years of pursuing “minimalism” (I started in 2011), I think I’ve finally figured out what it truly means.

The typical minimalism newbie tends to fall into the trap of nothingness. It’s no surprise either; the most popular examples of minimalism certainly emphasize the power of less. Specifially, less physical stuff. That’s how we got the Tiny House Movement, the digital nomads, the 4-Hour Work Week, the Capsule Wardrobe. There are people who believe that the epitome of minimalism is simply owning less stuff.

But that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

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I quit yoga.

This is something I have wrestled with for several years. It took a huge back-and-forth discussion with a Yoga Teacher Training admissions advisor, an unsavory class experience, and weeks of inner searching for me to finally let go of an idealistic dream. In the process, I found the confidence to focus on me, not on what others thought of me.

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