The dangers of rumination

I have had obsessive-compulsive tendencies since I was a child. My “boredom killer” of choice was to tip over my entire bookshelf so that all the books splattered on the floor, and then I would meticulously put them all back in order (sorting first by author, then series title, then series number, then by book title if there was no series).

And then the next day I most likely did it again.

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A lesson in authenticity… on Black Friday

This past Black Friday, I bought into the hype.

Armed with my latest paycheck, I stormed into Best Buy and fought the crowds for the latest deals and “must haves”. This year – despite the fact that I had previously tried this experiment in the past with poor results – I got it into my head that I was going to buy an iPad Pro 10.5 (with the Apple Pencil) and use that as a laptop replacement. I described to my friends with vivid excitement how I was going to studiously take notes in my textbooks, read at least 50 books next year, and use the “one app at a time” erm, feature, to finally reach new levels of productivity.

Needless to say, I was not acting very rationally or authentically that day.

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Dance: changing roles, giving back

Of all the things I have done in my quarter-of-a-century life, there is nothing quite like the world of dance. Aside from my academic pursuits, dance has been at the forefront of my identity: I have worked as a semiprofessional dancer, founded a successful collegiate dance team, taught students of all ages, and choreographed a ton of pieces. Additionally, I have trained at an advanced level for many years and continue to attend well-known intensive programs (such as Sun King Dance).

It has taught me valuable lessons such as:

  • how to develop resilience, both physical and mental
  • creativity, both in the artistic sense as well as creatively problem-solving
  • the importance of reflecting on your experiences, both positive and negative, and using them to grow
  • the happiness that comes from pursuing your passion, and how one should never forsake work/life balance
  • the incredible importance of keeping your body – your vessel – healthy and fit
  • the camraderie that comes from sharing hundreds of hours of your life with others

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