I quit yoga.

This is something I have wrestled with for several years. It took a huge back-and-forth discussion with a Yoga Teacher Training admissions advisor, an unsavory class experience, and weeks of inner searching for me to finally let go of an idealistic dream. In the process, I found the confidence focus on me, not on what others thought of me.

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Mindfulness through letting go

Last January (wow, it’s been a long time, but almost feels like yesterday), I made a personal promise to myself to actively “choose happiness”.

Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t mean that I should only pursue things that make me happy. I didn’t mean that I should take the easy road, or overindulge in material things, or walk around with a smile plastered on my face. What I meant was that I would take an active approach to appreciating the things I already had, not lamenting the things that I didn’t. Instead of grieving for the lost opportunities, I would make my own. Instead of worrying incessantly about not having enough money, I would find ways to enjoy what little I have

Instead of looking for the bad in every situation, I would actively seek out the good. I think they call this gratitude or something. I’m slowly learning how to have more of it in my daily life.

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New website layout, new beginnings.

It’s been a while since my “professional” website has had a touch-up. This month, with my latest transition to new job (more on this later) and other areas of my life starting to improve, I figure it was an appropriate time to give it a bit of an overhaul.

First off, I had growing concerns as the years went by that I was maintaining a personal website and not a professional one. My previous sites went on ad nauseum about my job history, my interests, my educational background, and what I was up to on social media. Those are all important things that create my identity, but I am trying to focus more on developing my professional identity. Namely:

  1. I want to blog more about what is going on in my career field.
  2. I want to emphasize aspects of my career development instead of just my educational background.
  3. I want to expand on dance/fitness and how they are important to me.
  4. I wanted my new site design to be whimsical but not childish.

I will also be starting my new job next week, which I am extremely excited about. Finally, it feels like I am moving forward with the next step in my career.