Welcome {back} to my website!

This past week, I took a huge leap of faith. After almost exclusively using Wordpress for the past 15 years to host my websites, I bit the bullet and decided to migrate to Squarespace.

There was nothing inherent wrong about Wordpress. For the most part, I have loved and enjoyed the time I've spent blogging, designing, and developing for the platform. (Yes - I developed quite a few Wordpress themes back in 2008, when frameworks weren't a thing yet and you had to manually code all the loops. Never again.) Lately, however, I've been feeling unsatisfied with the way my site looked. In order to have full customization capability, I would have had to upgrade to a $30/mo plan.

I purchased a few themes from ThemeForest in anticipation of the upgrade, and realized that over the years, Wordpress has become extremely bloated. The minute I tried updating any of the pages, I fell into an intense analysis paralysis. "Wow, there are 50 widgets I could include here. Oh man, should I go with the circular profile pictures with shadowing or the square profile pictures with white overlay?!" And to be frank, Wordpress has evolved beyond my comfort zone. People are doing incredible things with the platform, but for me, it would be the equivalent of buying a Lambourghini to drive 15 minutes to work each day. I don't need fancy. I need something simple that works.

This past year, I've been trying to implement more minimalism and mindfulness into my life. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I signed up for a trial of Squarespace and fell in love. Simplicity and satisfaction wins the day.