I hope it's obvious by now, but my name is Vivian Lee! I am a 30-something adult-in-denial residing in Dallas, Texas (for now...) after a stint in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm from Austin, Texas originally. I have three siblings that are way smarter than I can ever dream of being: Victoria, Vincent, and Viennie (yes, the V's were intentional).

I work as a mental health clinician while also working towards medical school admissions as a nontraditional premed :) I graduated with my M.A. in Counseling from Texas State University and my B.S. in Economics & Management Science from MIT. My time at MIT was quite possibly the best time of my life, and I continue to remain involved as an Educational Counselor (translation: I interview applicants!)

I have very little spare time, but you can see how I spend it on my now page.

About the Website

This website has existed at its current address since 2009, but was previously known as Visonix.net and Crimsonietta.net (back before it was considered safe to widely publicize your real name on the Internet). Previously, this website functioned purely as a professional portfolio, but I am now trying to get back into sharing more of me and my authentic self.