Hello! My name is Vivian Lee...

I’m currently pursuing my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Texas State University. In my previous career(s), I worked in management consulting, public relations, and business administration. I hold a B.S. in Economics & Management Science from MIT. Inspired by my own lived experiences with mental health and the academic environments in which I grew up, I am now in the midst of a career change to become a therapist.

Presently, I am a counseling intern at Texas State University's Career Services Office and Austin Recovery. I also work as a Behavioral Health Counselor for Eating Recovery Center, and conduct research at the Institute for Mental Health Research, the Aitheros Research Association, and through my own avenues as part of my thesis. I am passionate about two main areas of research: eating disorders and college mental health (especially for nontraditional students).

In my spare time, I practice ballet, play the recorder (don’t hate it ‘til you’ve heard it!), work on my quest to a taekwondo black belt, and hang out with my two feline furballs, Mynerva and Freya. Fun fact: I have an asteroid (24318 Vivianlee) named after me!


Clinical Experience