Listening to my needs.

This post is somewhat a continuation of “A Lesson in Authenticity,” in which I forced myself to purchase an iPad Pro 10.5 so I could conform to the stereotype of the “good student.” Most of the inspiration for my iPad purchase came from… watching YouTube videos.

There has been a social media trend going around where collegiates (usually women) post videos, Tumblr posts, Instagram photos, etc. about their study habits. You may recognize the term studyblr (study + Tumblr). Most of these individuals are using social media to keep themselves accountable, which I think is great! What isn’t so great is the incredible imposter syndrome that it induces in me. It reminds me of a time when I cleaved to others’ expectations way too much. It reminds me of a time when peer pressure caused me to conform to the “generally accepted” way of doing things instead of what worked best for me.

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The dangers of rumination

I have had obsessive-compulsive tendencies since I was a child. My “boredom killer” of choice was to tip over my entire bookshelf so that all the books splattered on the floor, and then I would meticulously put them all back in order (sorting first by author, then series title, then series number, then by book title if there was no series).

And then the next day I most likely did it again.

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