Dance: changing roles, giving back

Of all the things I have done in my quarter-of-a-century life, there is nothing quite like the world of dance. Aside from my academic pursuits, dance has been at the forefront of my identity: I have worked as a semiprofessional dancer, founded a successful collegiate dance team, taught students of all ages, and choreographed a ton of pieces. Additionally, I have trained at an advanced level for many years and continue to attend well-known intensive programs (such as Sun King Dance).

It has taught me valuable lessons such as:

  • how to develop resilience, both physical and mental
  • creativity, both in the artistic sense as well as creatively problem-solving
  • the importance of reflecting on your experiences, both positive and negative, and using them to grow
  • the happiness that comes from pursuing your passion, and how one should never forsake work/life balance
  • the incredible importance of keeping your body – your vessel – healthy and fit
  • the camraderie that comes from sharing hundreds of hours of your life with others

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