The name is Vivian Lee.

When I was a wide-eyed little girl, I took every chance – shooting stars, eyelashes, birthday candles, penny fountains – to make a powerful wish: “Someday, I want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Now that I’m a few decades older, I’ve decided to seize that dream and share it with others. Contact me if you’d like to chat!

Curriculum vitae | professional resume | dance & fitness resume
Aspirare Coaching: academic & career coaching
Complete Job History: I’ve worked all sorts of odd jobs…
Academic History: courses taken for each of my degrees
Research & Papers: long-form, short-form, everything in-between.
References: people who can vouch for my accomplishments.

University of Texas School of Public Health, MPH Master of Public Health 2018 (expected)
University of Texas of the Permian Basin, B.A. Psychology 2016 (expected)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. Economics & Management Science 2012

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I have an asteroid named after me! You can track it here: 24318 Vivianlee