The name is Vivian Lee.

When I was a wide-eyed little girl, I took every chance – shooting stars, eyelashes, birthday candles, penny fountains – to make a powerful wish: “Someday, I want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Now that I’m a few decades older, I’ve decided to seize that dream and share it with others. Contact me if you’d like to chat!

→ Here are my professional and dance/fitness resumes.
Complete Job History: I’ve worked all sorts of odd jobs…
Academic History: proof I know what I’m doing! ;)
Research & Papers: long-form, short-form, everything in-between.
Awards & Honours: accolades earned through the years.
References: people who can vouch for my accomplishments.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. Economics & Management Science ’12
I have an asteroid named after me: 24318 Vivianlee